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Tel: 01274 851 868

Specialists in manual and automatic reconditioned gearboxes and clutches

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Top Gear TransmissionsGearbox repair services

Top Gear Transmissions1-year unlimited mileage warranty on all gearboxes fitted with a full clutch

Top Gear Transmissions6-month warranty on light commercials and taxis

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Keeping your gearbox in good condition

Prolong the life of your gearbox

Severe damage or premature wear will occur if you do not use quality oils of the correct viscosity and type. Viscosity is a measure of how thick (high viscosity) or how thin (low viscosity) oil is.

Repair, exchange or recondition your gearbox in 24 hours!

Premier gearboxes for manual vehicles and 4x4s
Top Gear Transmissions

90% of garages are third-party gearbox repairers, which usually means you end up paying more for an inferior service. Top Gear Transmissions is a dedicated gearbox specialist, so choosing us cuts out that middle man and saves you a lot of cash. Just let us know and we’ll do everything we can to repair, exchange or recondition your gearbox in 24 hours. But that’s not all: to ensure your vehicle receives a first-class service, we’ll only use the very best parts, fixtures and fittings from some of world’s leading manufacturers.

How does a manual gearbox work?

Looking after your gearbox

A manual gearbox contains oil that is designed to lubricate parts and transfer heat away from the working components. There are no filters or cooling systems in a manual gearbox, so it's vital that the oil is changed at recommended intervals to remove contamination and replace 'worn out' oil.

Gearbox failure prevention

From Top Gear Transmissions, Yorkshire

Most gearbox faults start with a small problem that drivers can easily ignore. Worn shift levers, clutches and incorrect oils are all responsible for a significant number of gearbox failures, but many of these are preventable, and ignoring these issues can be a very costly mistake. Trust us: a broken gearbox will severely damage your car and your wallet. So if you think something might be wrong make sure you bring your vehicle to see us at the first sign of trouble. For peace of mind and a lot of money saved, it makes sense.

Types of gears
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